About us

InspirationWorks (UK) Ltd is based in St Albans. With the support of our sister Research and Development company in France (CIDE Group), we design and create electronic educational and fun based toys and tablets for the UK and Irish markets.

Many of our products are developed under license such as Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Disney Princess, Waybuloo, Scooby Doo, and Postman Pat. 2011 will see new product additions in the form of Ben & Holly, JCB, and Bob the Builder and more.

Our products are created to make learning fun and you will find our award winning laptops, phonics learning platforms, and other innovative designs at all good toy retailers and toy departments.

InspirationWorks’ Peppa Pig range was awarded the industry’s best Written, Listening, or Learning range for 2010 by Max Publishing.

All of our products are manufactured in China under the highest quality control standards and meet with all legally required quality legislation under EN71.

All commercial, sales, and financial departments of InspirationWorks (UK) Ltd are managed by UK Director & General Manager, David Martin. Reporting to David is UK Marketing Manager, Tracey Devine.